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TVEH Website Designed by Nick J. Goard
Web Design

TVEH Website

The Toronto Veterinary Emergency Hospital (TVEH) was looking for a much needed re-design of their older, really disastrous website. They wanted something that was up to par with the color palette they use inside the hospital on an their leaflets and brochures, as well as something that could give their customers easy access to information and the goings on within the center.

They needed a mobile website too, but something that resembled an “app” with larger buttons and elements that would be easy to navigate. It was to be a simple project, straightforward design and HTML to be sent to Digital Precision Inc. who would take care of the functions needed to run some of the server-side scripting.

Later on in the project’s timeline they required some new graphics for their keynote events and conventions as well as some post card ideas that they would use at their facility. This would be a large format design task that would take some of the custom created graphics of the website into the physical world, as well as a small component design for the cards, one sided so they could print info on the backside at their convenience.

Project Details

Role: Designer + Front-End Coder
Year: 2013
Project Status: LIVE

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