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Slice of Pie Postcards Designed by Nick J. Goard
Slice of Pie Business Cards Designed by Nick J. Goard
Slice of Pie Logo Designed by Nick J. Goard
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Slice of Pie Branding

The cards were simple enough to design. They were to be full bleed, full color and 2-sided, which showcased photos of the delicious pizza along with Slice of Pie contact information. I used a super high-res image (5000px / 3000px thereabouts) so when it was squashed into the dimensions it could really get crisp. I’ve had some issues before with cards and photos, some printers just don’t know what to do with them – but these ones turned out great!

We went through a bunch of different versions of the logo at first to get to the general sense of what you see here. The Schenkers had an idea of what they wanted but they couldn’t visualize it entirely until they saw physical versions in front of them. When we finally got the logo in a final state, we could then brand everything else, so the logo was the first thing that needed to be done.

Early before this project I had been playing around with jQuery in a way that I desperately needed use on something. The perfect opportunity arose when we placed the Slice of Pie logo on the website…I had a thought…what if there were flames inside the logo, burning as they do in the pizza oven? I got the go ahead, and viola! A web animated logo using CSS, jQuery and and z-index layered images (click here to check it out).

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