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Laree Olmstead Website Designed by Nick J. Goard
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Laree Olmstead Website

LaRee was super easy going about the look and feel of what she wanted. In the beginning, I came up with some ideas based on what initial discussions brought about (gotta’ love discovery!), and getting to understand her personality vs. the direction she wanted to take with her company. Both were super proactive in generating the inspiration needed to draft up some early mock-ups.

We settled on a basic design concept, which was already looking super hot. I did some background work and setup some SEO stuff as well as got things ready in preparation, while she did her business thing. We came together with all the required imagery and content in the middle and before you knew it, a simple, yet powerful presentation of her product was born – Heck we even decided to throw in a really cool video, masked out on the homepage with some really cool photo overlay and transition effects!!

Project Details

Role: Designer + Developer
Year: 2017

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