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Crash Karma iPhone Wallpapers Designed by Nick J. Goard
Mobile UI/UIX

Crash Karma iPhone Wallpapers

One of the coolest things doing a project for a band is when the funding comes in, it’s no holds-barred. Such is the case with the iPhone and Android wallpaper designs. These were intended to be shared with Crash Karma fans, and they could install them as really cool mobile wallpaper, and switch them around if they wanted too – since they were intended as a series.

Each wallpaper you see here, was re-created from the original animated sequence of the single “Fight” which was on Crash Karma’s debut album. It wasn’t an easy task, but well worth it, as they were shared by thousand of fans. They were then rendered as JPG in the right size for the standard devices at the time (320px by 480px).

**The renders were also used in the Crash Karma merchandise designs above. They were altered to fit the size area of 11 inches by 17 inches even though they were originally created for an extremely smaller medium.

Even though our screen size and native resolution has changed quite a bit over the years, you can still download all these Crash Karama iPhone and Android wallpapers below. There are 23 of them in the ZIP package, who knows maybe they will make a comeback?

[Download] Crash Karma iPhone Wallpapers (.ZIP) – Size 1.48MB

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