Nick J. Goard | Creative Digital Artist

About Me

What is this site?

I’m glad you asked! Canadian Freelance is my portfolio of work (Who Am I?). It’s is my life, my career, and my artistic showcase of stuff that I have completed in the past professionally and personally. Think of it like a small window into my brain which you get to poke around in (well, the parts I let you poke around in anyways…)

How it Began

I built my first portfolio in 2004 ( in college. I had never even thought of having my own space online to showcase my work but one of the many projects in school we were tasked with was exactly this. I had attempted a couple previous websites of my own, mainly for music ( + – but those were dedicated to the music I was writing, not recording for anyone else (more about my history here).

Once I finally mustered up the $65.00 to register my own business in Canada, I changed my name to The Website Guy (, and have been working under that moniker ever since. Along the way though, I attempted to branch off, because I was becoming involved in projects that really had nothing to do with websites ( +

Projects like radio commercials, video and audio editing for broadcast, Foley and interactive builds were becoming more and more integrated into what I was being contracted for. It was only in late 2017 that I decided to finally put everything in one place (everything that had survived on disk thus far) and call in Canadian Freelance, because like that’s what I do, I’m Canadian and I Freelance.

Origin of the name

The Canadian Freelance domain name I purchased from auction. I out bid the next highest by $50 for the total purchase price of $167.00 CAD. I really wanted this domain name, but not for what it is being used for now.

You see, I’ve always had this idea that all freelancers in Canada like me, should be somehow connected. The idea started with what I called Web Apple. Which was a place that I was showcasing my work but offering space to others and a way to stay connected and keep in touch internally. Then the same idea transferred into “Toronto Freelance” which was locally based, and the difference was that I would not only be able to provide freelancers space for their projects, but internal job listings as well.

The drive to purchase was fueled by the desire to achieve nationally what was achieving locally. This never panned out, I was working too much and having way too many kids (4 of them ) too busy to manage all that – so those projects got scrapped. I ended up staying with until this most recent choice to use this domain as my own (which will be my final choice I swear!!).

Mission Statement?

In any case, I was never happy with my own portfolio because I could never portray efficiently the amount of effort and hard work I put into what I do. I could never show all of it, I could never talk about it, I could never showcase not only the final results, but the goings on of what made those projects so special to me in the first place. But now I can, and if you’re reading this (I hope you’re not confused, jjk) then you know what I am trying to accomplish here – I am trying to let you know just how I feel about everything I do, it’s like a blog, but not really, but yeah it’s like a blog, but with my work on it instead. So, here it is…my mission statement for the website:

“Canadian Freelance is a website that showcases all of the work I have done while focusing on the transparency and integrity of what a freelancer should be about. It is my personal mission to include all things relevant to the pursuit of honest freelance work in Canada, and to provide you the reader with ultimately clear understanding of who I am and what I want to accomplish in my lifetime with regards to creative professional work.”

What you should do…

Relax. Enjoy. Have fun, because life is about spending the time you have being happy. Take a look at my work, or read some really cool things that I write, heck I don’t know – go for a walk! Whatever it is, remember that I’m telling you (as a professional) to go get yourself out of the box – take yourself out of the world around you and vacation for awhile 🙂 Oh yeah, and when you get back, give me a shout! I will work on something really awesome with you!